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Better Ways To Get You Healthy & Young

anhae Fast™

Life changing program that helps you to reach your goals while still enjoying really good food

anhae Accelerated™

An accelerated program that changes your life in 12 weeks, makes you become active and young again.

anhae Prime™

Prestige program designed to maximise your results with prepared meals for a renewed healthy living.

anhae Retreats™

Coming Soon - a wellness program that renews your body, mind and soul totally at international retreats.

Life changing decisions...

The beginning

Welcome to making changes around your health. We are so excited that you are interested in embarking on a health coaching program so we congratulate you on making the first step.

Life rewards us most when we apply our wholehearted attention to any task and with our guidance and support, we will definitely put you back in control of your health and reset those key biomarkers that are key to a long healthy life and enjoyment of food every day.

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what next

We offer a structured and personalised where needed Nutrition and Health Coaching programs developed around scientifically proven (proven on people, not animals) research. Our Family, previous clients and of course ourselves have taken the steps in our very own programs that will also transform your life in ways that will generate vitality and longevity and in most cases we will see a significant reduction in the biomarkers for Type 2 Diabetes, Pre-Diabetes or reverse these entirely. Of course, the results are a mirror of you commitment to your health, self and family.

We are available for private mentoring sessions where applicable, this is a service that can be negotiated. For a list of additional services we can offer please see the 
get in touch with us here. We are confident in your ability to reverse the health conditions many of us face or will face in the coming years and will support you fully through each of our programs..

"Your health is our motivation"


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